Branches & Grass Source

$32.00 excl. vat

Vegetation & foliage sounds for any production
Do you have bush or tree which needs some sounds?
With 483 sounds, BRANCHES & GRASS has got you covered!
Everything from hits, shakes, to rustles and breaks.
29 Categories of lush greens from the outdoors!

All sounds are tagged with metadata

Branches & Grass Source Content List

Size2.38 GB
Running Time37 Minutes
FormatWAV – 192kHz 24bit


Sound categories

  • Branch Big
  • Branch Big Hit
  • Branch Big Shake
  • Branch Big Wind
  • Branch Small Dry Hit
  • Branch Small Dry Shake
  • Branch Small Dry Wind
  • Branch Small Fresh Drop
  • Branch Small Fresh Hit
  • Branch Small Fresh Leaf Tear
  • Branch Small Fresh Shake
  • Branch Small Fresh Swipe
  • Branch Small Fresh Wind
  • Branch Small Fresh Woosh Long
  • Branch Small Fresh Woosh Short
  • Bush Drop
  • Bush Hit
  • Bush Shake
  • Bush Swipe
  • Bush Wind
  • Grass Heavy Break
  • Grass Heavy Break Loop
  • Grass Heavy Drop
  • Grass Light Break
  • Grass Light Hit
  • Grass Light Shake
  • Grass Light Swipe
  • Grass Light Twist
  • Grass Light Wind
  • Grass Light Woosh


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