Shortcuts for Reaper

Vengstrom Reaper Config, a complete Reaper workflow

What is this?

This is a complete shortcut pack for the DAW Reaper that contains everything you need to develop a quick and effective workflow when working with sound design and music production. It has mapped keyboard shortcuts, as well as a bunch of custom macros and nifty commands mapped to buttons in the bottom toolbar.

Is it free?

Yes. All of the pre-requisite installs, including our shortcut pack is completely 100% free.

How do I know how to use it?

You can have a look at our google doc sheet below with every keyboard mapping.

Download & Release history

Latest: 2020-06-07 Release 14.7 (Download | Documentation

Previous releases can be found here.

How do I install it?

Step 1: Install Reaper
Step 2: Install SWS Extenstion
Step 3: Install EvilDragon’s Color Toolbar v2.5
Step 4: Install Vengstrom Reaper Config (drag and drop .ReaperConfigZip file on reaper and import)
Step 5: Add your VST plugin paths in the preferences
Step 6: Select your audio device in preferences

Does it work on Mac/Linux?

Short answer: Dunno.

Long answer: We have not been tested on OSX or Linux, only Windows. ED’s color toolbar might not work as expected etc. If you have any notes regarding compability on any other OS feel free to get in touch.

Poke me at my twitter if you have any questions about the shortcuts

Many thanks to Vile Hartman and Pablo Sorribes for their input and help on these shortcuts over the years 🙂