Sonity is an audio middleware giving you full control of your sound, all within Unity.
Balancing ease of use with advanced features it will help you to quickly make your game sound good.

  • Components for triggering sounds without code.
  • Live-edit and multi-edit everything.
  • Automatic asset creation and reference finder.
  • Music functionality like playlists, stems and intros.
  • Visually debug sounds live in-game.
  • Custom DSP filters and distortion per voice.
  • Record sound parameters for automatic scaling.
  • Highly optimized system with IL2CPP support.
  • Fully documented source code provided.
  • Developed and used in commercial games.
  • Crafted with my experience as a game audio professional.

Optimized Workflow

Record sound parameters for automatic scaling

Easily play and stop sounds without code

Create thousands of assets automatically