Game audio specialists

(& creators of Sonity)


Sonigon consists of two hoomans doing audio stuff for games. We believe great creative endevours are made while having fun. Since starting up in 2016 we’ve had a lot of fun. Worked on a lot of games. Made a lot of friends. Friends. Games. Work. Fun. Hooray.

Anyway, you can reach us at our personal emails or at [email protected]. Please feel free to add us on Facebook or Twitter and sling us a message there as well.

Let’s cook something up together!

Vile Hartman
[email protected]

Victor Engström
[email protected]

Our Services

Sound Design

We are state of the art sound designers, capable of quickly bringing a game environment to life with just the right amount of assets.

Technical Implementation

In addition to designing sounds we also do our own implementation with Unity, Unreal Engine, C#, FMOD, Wwise – as well as our own audio middleware Sonity that we used for Rounds.

Recording & Editing

Feel free to check out our store where we have some of the sounds we have recorded and edited. Comes categorized with industry standard meta-data.

Music Production

If you are in need of music for your project we have experience composing a wide range of styles, as well as implemeting dynamic game music according to each game’s specific needs.

Previous projects

Here’s a lil selection of the games we’ve worked on with friends and acquaintances over the years.
You can check out a trailer and some links if you click on the project images.

Sound libraries

Be sure to check out our store as well, where we sell some of the sounds we’ve recorded over the years.
Here’s some of our most recent products.