Sonigon Audio Engine

Sonigon Audio Engine is a tool for implementing sounds in Unity®.
It enables you to quickly implement and sculpt your sounds.

  • Made for sound designers by a sound designer.
  • In engine editor with real time editing.
  • Support for music with tails and stems.
  • Automatic pooling and voice optimization.
  • Smart helper components for quick setup.
  • Automated asset creation and updating.
  • Record parameter data for easy scaling.
  • Debug sounds live in-game for visual debugging.
  • Distortion/lowpass/highpass per voice.
  • Automatic reference finder.
  • Multi editing supported everywhere.
  • Documented source code provided.

Getting Started

The video tutorials teaches you all the essentials.
The documentation provides in depth information.

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Tutorial Videos

Optimized Workflow

Smart Helper Objects

Automated Asset Creation